• I Dislike the Content of Obama’s Character, Not the Color of His Skin–Spot of Tea Girl Column

    President Obama’s long-running crusade for personal popularity has hit an all-time low, if that’s possible.  Recently, he chose to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s memory not with the obligatory wreath laying and speech making, but by lamenting to The New Yorker magazine the “fact” that some people don’t like him because you are black.

    I find it incredible that America’s first twice-elected, biracial (if we’re to be accurate) president would go on record, whining that his declining popularity is not because of his politics, but because of the color of his skin. He is implying that Americans woke up one day and discovered their inner bigot.

     We all have that fantasy of having the president’s ear and being able to say, “no, Mr. President, it’s not us; it’s you.” Obama might find it hard to comprehend that people don’t like him because of him, because of his politics, because his true character is revealing itself.  We don’t like the creepy Marxist ideology that you cloak in fairness and equality.  We dislike a man who is either too amateurish or too arrogant to regard our enemies as formidable, which they are, and instead calls them “JV.”  We despise a man elected to the highest office in the world that has so little regard and understanding for our military that he repeatedly calls a Navy corpsman a Navy ‘Corpse Man.”  And we the people are mortified by a man who smugly imposes his will on his fellow man through lies, manipulation, back door channels and bully tactics.

    I recognize that there are white people who don’t like blacks for a myriad of reasons, perhaps both real and imagined.  But, and this is key, would have come to accept a black president if he was the sort of person that expressed love and respect for our country, our military, or traditions, our Constitution and our exceptionalism.  Mr. President, you are increasingly disliked by your fellow Americans because they are waking up and seeing that that you don’t like them, and understand how you want to “fundamentally transform” them.

    I personally grate every time politicians at the federal level conjure up new reasons to squeeze a few more nickels from my already paltry income.  Mr. President, it literally makes my skin crawl when I see you telling American how you are going to squeeze your favorite phantom boogeyman, “the rich,” through the tired mantra of income equality.  Mr. President, you are rich, and so are all of your friends, so let me ask you something: if you are so interested in income equality, why don’t you implement policies that specifically target their income?  You love to pal around with celebrities.  Why not take your “pen and phone” and implement a tax on entertainers?  Remember the look on Will Smith’s face when he heard about the proposed 75 percent tax rate in France?  Yeah, that will be the same look Jay Z will have when you take 75 percent of his estimated $500 million dollars.  It’s a good thing you had his wife Beyonce perform at Michelle’s birthday this year, you know, before you redistributed their money.

    And I have to tell you, Mr. President, we really, really dislike having a president that seems to be comfortable with going overseas and chastising America in speeches, and visually uncomfortable with touting our greatness.  We dislike having a president that repeatedly places our nation on same moral and cultural plane with other nations that are, at best, below our league, and at worst, an outright insult.

    By and large, we Americans like our country and ourselves, even if there are events that have occurred within America’s history that are shameful and go against the ideals for which we were founded.  We like the multitude of ethnic groups that have melted into one nation, under GOD, and don’t want to consider ourselves to be a part of a hyper-segregated, hyphenated grievance group that has the bad luck to reside in an oppressive, racist evil empire.

    We like that our melting pot means we eat chop suey and fortune cookies and Yo Quiero Taco Bell.  And we like, no, Mr. President, we love all of those things that annoy you and all of your elitist friends, like long road trips, t-shirts with flags and “big things,” like guns, suburban homes and trucks that take us on those road trips.  As Americans, we like to make money and spend it as we please, and in particular, Mr. President, I like to spend my money on me and whatever suits me to support.  I don’t like to spend my money on your schemes, be it bailouts or Obamacare or green energy.

    With regards to the concept of American exceptionalism, most Americans, or at least those that understand the true meaning of American exceptionalism, are offended that you equate so-called Greek or British or Chinese “exceptionalism” with what America has contributed to the world.  Yes, the Greeks introduced the concept of democracy, but that was over 3,000 years ago, and with all due respect to those of Greek extraction, the nation of Greece has not provided the world with much else since.  The concept of democracy has been reshaped over time, and in America, has been greatly influenced by our Judeo-Christian principles, so no, the Greeks are not exceptional in the way that Americans are.

    Other countries rely on their history as a means to express their relevance on the world stage.  So how come in the 2,000 years of British history, 3,000 of Greek and 5,000 of Chinese have none of these countries ever elected a ‘black” president?  Like America, all three of them have a history of slavery.  Yet, in a few hundred years, America went from being a far-flung British colony that allowed blacks to be held in bondage, to the greatest nation on the planet which elected a black president.

    So yes, Mr. President, we are unique in our exceptionalism, and the fact that you are the leader of the most distinct experiment in human history is one reason.  But because you are the president does not mean we have to like you or your policies, because we don’t.

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