A Note from Spot of Tea Girl About Recent Events

Hello Readers,

I wanted to touch base with my readership post-Hurricane Sandy. While it goes without saying that I am saddened and horrified by the destruction, I am not writing about the hurricane, per se.

The hurricane serves as a reminder that you need to keep yourself informed about the world around you and to remain as self-sufficient as you can. Remember: YOU are your own first responder. Not your neighbor, or the cops or the fire department, you

To that end, I hope to continue to be a source that gives you–whether it is daily or weekly or whenever–information on the world around you, things not in the headlines. While we are all focused on the hurricane, there are things that are going on around the country and around the world that you should pay attention to as well. Understanding the things that sometimes fly under the radar is your key to understand how you will react if an emergency ever strikes your area. Mental preparation is just as important, if not more important, than physical preparation. In regards to physical preparation, that is your call; while I list a wide variety of products and resources I find helpful, I don’t push the prepper products, because if your house is burned down or washed away, a stockade of dried beef stroganoff is pretty irrelevant. You do what you think works for you.

That is the purpose of this website and I thank all of you that make it worth the time and effort I put into the site, which is about 2-3 hours a day, 4-5 days per week. Did I mention I have a full-time job? Unfortunately, I am not a gentleman of leisure, so every time I see “likes” pop up, I appreciate it, makes the chiropractor visits worth it.

Over the holidays, I intend to spend time adding new links that are more national, as it seems that my readership is disproportionately outside Wisconsin, and features, including (AAAHHH!!! Sell-out!) a Facebook link. Yes, I’ve been beaten into submission and will soon join the cult of Facebook in order to make this (eventually) a more interactive website, and more easily accessible to a broader audience.

Spot of Tea Girl