A Message From Spot of Tea Girl Regard Latest Posts

Hi Everyone,

I’ve not done a lot of posting this past week because I’ve been sick and in pain and found out on Saturday that I need to get my wisdom teeth yanked! Happy birthday to me…So I’ve not had much ambition to be on the computer to read the news and disburse it with a swollen mouth and flu-like symptoms.

To anyone who blows off their dentist when he says go and get your wisdom teeth pulled (as mine does not pull; he sends his patients to an oral surgeon), don’t be dumb; just go do it. They can get infected–no matter how much you floss and brush (as I do), you can get sick and your face will look like someone punched you, only without the bruising. My dentist said if I’d waited any longer, I’d have landed in the hospital. That’s how serious it can be. He came into his office on a Saturday to see me. He meant business, and despite being wisdom teeth, I acted pretty dumb in this matter.

Mind you, I didn’t blow off my dentist, per se. I knew the wisdom’s needed to be pulled, but one, who wants to go get teeth pulled if they’re not actually bothering you (until now, that is), and two, they came second to all of the other living expenses that kept coming up, like new tires and realignment and battery, etc., you get the picture, so I kept pushing it off. WELL! This goes to show you that it can sneak up on you, no matter how diligent you are in your tooth care.

As most of you have realized by now, I don’t run my blog traditionally, that is, interactively, but I felt I should since if I’m running a news site for people who are looking for information on self-sufficiency and I fail to heed my own advice, I should let you know that I made this mistake and perhaps it will be good for you to know if you are faced with the same decision. While I have a nice job, my money only goes so far and I chose to put the money towards things, that while those things needed attention too, I nearly put myself in harms way by not treating this as a priority.

I’m going to get off the computer and go make homemade (yes, real homemade) pudding for the week ahead. If anyone emails me for the recipe, I may post it. De-lish, I’m making both vanilla and chocolate.

Spot of Tea Girl