Note from the Publisher:

This website is for and about self-reliance, individualism and people who push back against the encroachment of the nanny state. I want to provide you with a good mix of resources and stories which will inspire you to become a more self-sufficient person. Also, I want you to be a well-informed person and understand what is taking place in other parts of the world. Many of the stories I link to are international news stories that much of the mainstream media fails to feature, instead preferring to highlight the antics of “celebrities.” I also post news analysis and opinion pieces that provide background to many of the stories that affect us.

I am a lifelong city girl who is acutely aware that far too many people around me are too detached from the resources and are only concerned with the convenient end result. I hope to have my website become a resource guide for those of you that want to have a direct connection to the producers, but without the “green guilt” we get from the left.

This website is an ongoing project, and will continue to grow as new resources are discovered and added.

So what is Spot of Tea?

Spot of Tea is the spirit of the modern conservatism, which is embodied in the tea party movement, but it is not a formal tea party group. Rather, it is a resource for those of you that have that same spirit of conservatism and independence, whether or not you are affiliated with any group.

Who am I?

Politically, I am a conservative with a healthy dose of libertarianism, but my political bent is not the litmus test for the resources I choose to provide. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which resources are ones you choose to patronize, and which you do not. If you are concerned about any of the resources, please contact me. I will remove any company that does not work in the spirit of independence.