How-To: Food and Beverage

This page is a directory of links to organizations that provide classes and workshops on how to make your own food and beverage products. As a self-reliant person, it is beneficial to you to develop and maintain skills that make you less dependent on others:

Food processing centers  Food Business Incubator hub webpage, sponsored by UW-Extension. This is a fantastic idea for those of you that want to process food for sale, but cannot afford the cost of a commercial kitchen. This website has information, links to articles and radio interviews and web links to the incubators under their umbrella. An very nice example of a commercial kitchen for rent in Western WI. Pricing, hours, location all online. Another example of a commercial kitchen for rent. Small hourly rate, hours, location all online. Grow too many tomatoes? Make a great salsa? Make it here and sell it where you want to!  Not with the UW page. Located in Brown County. Fantastic policies and procedures checklist in “how to get started” in WI. This is a national website which gives the locations for over 200 incubators across the country. Certainly not all of them (Not all WI locations are on it) but a good start if you are looking to get into food processing and have limited funds.

Cooking Schools, Instruction and Food Tours: Amish farm tours Amish farm tours Statewide listing for higher end cooking classes Pastry school in Chicago which has continuing education classes for anyone wanting to learn artisan baking. NOT cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but a fun and educational option. National tour of baking classes provided by King Arthur flour. See the tab for Traveling Baking Demos to see if they are offering a program in your area. They also have ongoing classes at their location in Norwich, VT.  National database for cooking schools. While many of these are high-end, degreed programs, many also offer short, one day classes that give you a basic understanding of proper baking techniques. Click on the search for Schools by City or Schools by State to find a class near you. The cooking school in Kohler goes waaay beyond the basics, but hey, just because the world has turned upside down it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to make tapas with your canned and freeze-dried foods! Another upscale class offering, located in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Journal features a regular column of food and beverage events in the metropolitan area. Click on the link Out of the House calendar for the most updated listing.  The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service helps people seeking assistance with developing organic food growing practices. They have a lot of classes listed on topics such as permaculture and fruit tree grafting. The Michael Fields Institute offers many of the classes listed with MOSES.

Beer Making & Wine Making  Homebrew supply store in Milwaukee & Minneapolis that has classes in beer plus wine and mead making.  Homebrew supply store in Milwaukee that has classes in beer & wine making.

Beekeeping  lists classes for beekeeping in and around Wisconsin. local maker of really cool looking beehive for all of you apiary fans.  Website for mead making, after all what are you going to do with all that honey?

Cheese Making  Classes are taught periodically in the metro Milwaukee, Madison & Chicago areas.  And this isn’t just any old brick of cheese—you can learn how to make styles such as brie and chevre!  WI Center for Dairy Research in Madison offers classes on cheesemaking. UW River Falls cheese making classes UW Madison has ongoing short courses in various dairy food products. list of national cheesemaking classes.