Preparation Products

Survival products are for many people a last resort, something that they do not want to think about, something that they dismiss outright. But I believe that as part of a total system of self-reliance, survival products should be considered.

I’ve provided a list of all of the major purveyors of survival products, including freeze-dried foods. If you are curious about any of the products, some of them offer sample packs that you can purchase to see if this is something you want to invest in, or at the very least, have on hand for camping and the like.I have bought samples and recommend that you do the same. The products can be pricey.

Please note that some of the websites are the producers (such as Mountain House), while others are third-party retailers of multiple brands.  Carries real milk A popular outlet for freeze-dried foods, but no sample packs. The smallest pack available is a one-week supply. Carries freeze dried dairy products. Sends samples for the cost of s&h.

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