The OTHER Tea!

I not only think tea, I drink tea too! Here are some tea purveyors online that sell products in bulk and offer their complete lines. Plus, I’ve added a few other interesting tea-related websites:

The Tea Party Museum, which is new for 2012! This museum features a physical museum filled with interactive exhibits and displays, a recreation of meeting houses and taverns, plus the restored ships from the original tea party:

Wisconsin tea purveyors: Located in Milwaukee, Rishi has an outstanding line of loose leaf tea sold online and at retailers across the country. Located in both Appleton and Milwaukee, this is a great local source of a wide variety of tea blends. You can buy online or visit their stores and sample their teas. They also carry Rishi.

Colorado tea purveyors: Yes, you can buy Celestial Seasonings anywhere, but the website carries their complete line (which most stores don’t). Plus, Celestial Seasonings offers tours, which I can recommend. I’ve taken the tour and it was interesting—and the “mint” tea leaf room will clear up any cold you have! If you are brave enough to venture further into the “People’s Republic of Boulder” (which is not that far from the Celestial Seasonings factory) stop in at the Dushanbe Tea House. The building was a gift from Tajikistan to Boulder. It is a beautiful building and the operators sell good food and delicious tea.

Tea Plantations: America’s only tea plantation, located in South Carolina, near Charleston. They offer tours of the plantation, plus you can sample their wares by purchasing online or at select retailers across the country. The parent company of the Charleston Tea Plantation. Tea growing in Great Britain? Yes, it’s true! I even had to argue with a Brit that indeed, they not only drink it by the gallon, but they grow it too. Located in Cornwall, you can make the journey across the pound, or you can simply buy online. What makes tea taste different in Cornwall? Terroir, darling!

Other online tea purveyors: Another British company. In my travels overseas, I’ve purchased many delightful blends of Whittard’s teas. This is the U.S. website and can be purchased online. The granddaddy of tea purveyors, Twinings has been around since 1706. You can buy their complete line online.